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Store Favorites

Wow!  After using the Silicone Gloves from my store for not only washing the dishes but cleaning the sinks throughout my home, I’m amazed at how handy these are!  I know my husband will love using then to wash the car, when the weather warms up enough for that. 

Actually, just pondering the many uses I can find for theses pretty silicone gloves makes my head spin!  There are so many pretty colors to choose from, I actually feel a tinge of joy when I slip a pair on to do the dishes or scrub out the tub; I have multiple sets for different jobs. 

 Call me crazy but I’ve always preferred hand washing dishes to my dishwasher, I call it my therapy.  Time to slow down and smell the roses.  I love the dishwasher for sterilizing things but I really enjoy a nice sink full of hot, soapy water.  The silicone gloves allow me to actually make the water much hotter than I could normally tolerate as well.

I really love them and think you will too!