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i love paper

How I Love Paper!

I believe my many experiences in art go hand in hand with my love of paper and how I’ve wanted to open an online “paper store”.

My passion with art, and paper, began clear back in my early years. I vividly recall sitting in my 3rd Grade class at Art Time as the teacher passed out the white paper for art to each student, as other kids got their crayons and began coloring and drawing, I would first bring the paper up to my face and breathe in that wonderful scent of fresh, white, art paper!

This little “ritual” was my bonding to the paper, I suppose, and gave me time to decide what I wanted to turn this blank piece of paper into.

Isn’t this what we do with any paper we use?  We transform it into either a piece of art as in a drawing, painting or cut it into unique shapes (I love the art of turning decorative craft paper into flowers) or the emerging craft of cutting pages from an old book, seemingly by magic, various objects are made!  I’ve yet to try this but have an awesome book waiting on my shelf to teach me this craft.

Then there is journaling:

Even journaling takes a blank page and we begin laying down a lifetime of memories that grow more precious over the years.  What an heirloom to leave for those loved ones following behind to read of a parent or grandparent’s intimate experiences with life!

Yes, paper, in its many forms and uses is an extremely valuable commodity.  I’m so grateful for its emergence from ancient stone writings, to velum and then to our modern day myriad choices of paper so easily found!  I think we forget to appreciate how easy it is to write, create and decorate with the paper choices abounding today.

How I love paper and all the things I can do with it!  Every product listed in Haven Paper Company holds these same opportunities for you to play with, create with and write on paper too!  Enjoy browsing and I hope to make my store live up to this statement! 


  • Cristie S

    I’m so proud of you! Love you!

  • TAylor

    Great article mom! I love paper too. It really is one of the building blocks of all civilization and our own lives.

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