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My Favorite Products

Highlighting my MOST FAVORITE Products:

I will be sharing other products that I love from my store in my monthly newsletter; be sure to subscribe for lots of interesting information on my favorite pastime, writing and journaling.  

A new interest I have now is in creating one-of-a-kind, creative artsy journals.  I will be demonstrating how to do this and showcasing some favorite ones I've seen.  I have all the paper supplies and journals that work wonderfully for this.  

To subscribe to my Newsletter, simply follow the prompts on my home page to sign up.  I would love to keep in touch and help to inspire you to keep a log or journal of your day in and day out activities or a travel log.  It's all so fun and grows more valuable over the years.  I would also love to see what YOU are doing in writing and journaling.  I hope to make this a learning experience for all of us!

For now, I am showcasing the products I have discovered since opening my online store and will give you an example of some of the things you'll find in my newsletter.  

My Two Favorite Products From Haven Paper Company

This has been a "no brainer", hands down (no pun intended) choice. 

Once I saw the Silicone Gloves and the USB Computer Light, I just knew I needed to add them to my store products.  These are both inexpensive and very handy items to have on hand.

In case you didn't get a chance to read the descriptions on these products in my store, let me tell you about them again.

The Silicone Gloves are simply the best for a number of reasons:

  • They manufactured from Food Grade material, so are wonderful to use in preparing meals.
  • They are made of 100% Silicone, which we are learning has some awesome qualities.  They withstand heat so you are able to use them for lots of activities that could normally burn your hands. I love washing dishes by hand and can now make my dishwater very, very hot and not worry about it burning my hands.  They also can be used as "pot holders" to lift hot items from the oven.
  • The built-in scrubbers eliminate the need for extra scrubbers that are always a mess to keep on hand by the sink or under the sink.  (I still keep stainless steel scrubbers for those really tough foods baked into heavy duty cast iron or stainless steel pots that the nylon scrubbers won't touch.) These silicone gloves perform a myriad of tasks besides just washing the dishes as you will see below.

  •   To name a few; they are great when washing the car, cleaning veges under tap water, cleaning slippery fish (you can hold on to that slippery critter so much easier as you clean the scales), washing tile floors, wiping down surfaces anywhere in the house...on and on.  Even washing the dog!

So many colors to choose from:


Next On My Favorites List:

Just for the record, these are not listed as Favorite #1 and Second Place. I love both of these equally.  

Adjustable USB LED Light Lamp

This was made specifically to be inserted into your Laptop, PC, Computer Keyboard, Desktop or any device with a USB Port to shine the light directly down where you put it.  The cord is flexible and allows you to adjust it exactly where you need the light (in my case, on the keyboard.)  No on/off switch, just plug into the USB port and it lights up.

This is such a handy little gadget.  I am totally in love with it and it is exactly what I needed.  I am an early bird and my husband is a night-owl.  Not to mention our little Mini Schnauzer, who thinks he is a human and deserves all the benefits of a real child and not just a fur baby.  

Due to our totally opposite sleep habits and needs, my husband and I choose to sleep in separate rooms.  This was an evolution over time and at this point in our lives, it is the only thing that keeps us both sane.  He is up half the night because he can't sleep so he likes to turn on a light and read.  This would totally disrupt my sleep.  I don't see his light because I close the door I sleep in.  

On the other hand, I am such an early bird; usually awake by 5 AM, on bad days, it's even earlier.  I can handle anything after 5 AM, earlier than that is a killer.

Due to poor internet reception at the back of the house, where I sleep, I have to open the door to help the internet currency flow back to my room.  This may not be correct Internet jargon but whatever those little things in the air are that connect us...they have a hard time getting past my bedroom door.  

If I turn on the bedroom light, I think it might disturb my husband, who is falling back to sleep about the time I'm waking up.  Not only that, the minute our little pooch spots a light on in my room, he wants to come snuggle.  This is something I love and welcome but sometimes would like to get a little writing done before he comes in and wants my time and attention.  

Finally getting to the point of all this...

The minute I spotted this USB light that plugs right into my laptop's port with the flexible, swivel neck between the plug and light itself, I thought this might be something that would really come in handy for my early morning writing.  

Not wanting to disturb my husband's "hard-earned sleep" and not wanting to invite my fur baby in just yet...this little miracle has made it possible for me to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and get busy while the rest of the family still sleeps.

I am completely happy with this little, inexpensive gadget.


These come in a wide variety of styles and colors, stay tuned, I intend to add a broader selection to my online store for you to choose from.  The one I have is similar to the one pictured above with 13 super bright LED lights with a white cover instead of the blue pictured above.  It says it has a 50,000 hour life span! It's is so inexpensive and such a handy little device, you just can't go wrong by adding this to your writing/office supplies.  




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